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How It Works

The best way to charter a yacht is to work with a trusted Agent like those at Javelin. We will listen to your requirements and then find the perfect yacht to your dream destination! Always ensuring that an incredible itinerary is created to provide you with the adventure of a lifetime. All you need to do is follow the simple steps below and we’ll take care of the rest:

  • Look at the Destinations and choose where you want to go

  • Think about how many people will accompany you and how long you would like to stay 

  • Contact one of our Charter Agent and let them know your choices by filling out and submitting a Charter request form

  • An Agent will contact you promptly to help you with the finer details i.e. Yacht inventory and availability 

  • An Agent will provide you with a selection of onshore excursion option(s) meeting your requirements and guide you through the selection process

  • Finally you will receive a Charter Agreement outlining your itinerary and finalizing your booking

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